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נוע-תחפושת עותמאני
עבודה עם מיעוטים

Who am I?

I am a native Israeli, raised by Canadian born parents who made Aliyah in 1980. I grew up in a liberal yet traditional household. As a very active and curious guy, I'm always searching for the next adventure. For my mandatory military service, I served in a tank brigade, fought in the Second Lebanon War, and later became a medic for my tank platoon. While posted across Israel's borders, I fell in love with the landscape of my country. During the long missions in a cramped, dark tank, I dreamed of traveling.  Less than a month after I was discharged, I was climbing coconut trees in southeast Asia and kite surfing on the white sandy beaches of Australia. Three years of continuous traveling helped me discover my true inner self.


But one morning, I woke up homesick. After years of exploring other countries, I suddenly understood that I needed to discover more about my own home: my heritage, my history, my people, my Israel. Every inch of this country has a story. I am addicted to traveling, so decided to take my passion and turn it into my profession. Since then, I haven’t stopped exploring Israel. 

Why travel with me?

Yes, I am a fully accredited and Licensed Tour Guide in Israel. But who am I to guide you? All I can offer is for you to join me on a journey through my homeland. I love going off the beaten track, and am constantly on the lookout for unique and genuine experiences. I believe that fascinating stories and history, meetings with locals, and hands-on experiences are the keys to a memorable trip. I build trips that are eye-opening, adventurous, emotional, complex, and unfiltered. I have led over 150 unique trips, from families, to groups of all sizes, to religious congregations. I love working with kids as well, and put a lot of thought into leading trips that they will remember fondly and enjoy. Like a chameleon changing its colors, I create custom-made itineraries that are very sensitive to my clients' needs, wants, and which will spark their passions.

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