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The picturesque mountains of the Galilee tell a story of coexistence, with a peaceful population of different religions calling the area home. The area is well known for its eclectic mixture of historical sites, including the Sea of Galilee and ancient synagogues. A visit to the area might include learning about spirituality and art from a kabbalah master in Tzfat, a Galilean cooking workshop with a religious Druze woman, and a tour of a chocolate factory. Spend a rustic day on a kibbutz, especially popular with kids - milk cows, collect chicken eggs, and learn more about the farming lifestyle. Adventurous travelers can take advantage of the lush terrain, with opportunities for rappelling down cliffs, ATVing in the wilderness, and jeep rides around the countryside.

You gotta

Catch a “Tzfat moment” at the center of mystical Judaism and Kabbalah studies in the city of Tzfat.

Off the beaten track

Change of pace at an old-style kibbutz, pick some fresh organic vegetables and make your own lunch.

A real gem

Participate in an authentic Galilean-Arab cooking workshop.

Here's the scoop

When the Jews again revolted against the Romans in 132CE, Hadrian responded by changing the name of the region to Palestine and chasing the Jews out of Jerusalem, which provoked many Jews to relocate to the Galilee. Why did he choose Palestine as the new name?

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