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Judean Desert

The lowest place in the world, the arid and hot Judean Desert acts as a magnet for all kinds of oddballs, artists, and iconoclasts since the beginning of history. The dramatic landscape is the result of the meeting point of two tectonic plates, creating striking views of Israel and Jordan. Coat yourself in mud and float in the Dead Sea, one most exotic places on the planet, where the water is thick with buoyant salt. Hike up to Masada and learn more about the enthralling myth that has become part of Israeli national consciousness. Discover hidden monasteries in the desert, catch a glimpse of strange and wonderful desert creatures like the ibex, and recharge in the enchanting Eden of the Ein Gedi oasis.

You gotta

Coat yourself in Dead Sea mud and float like a cork.

Off the beaten track

Visit a hidden cliff-hanging monastery in the heart of the desert.

A real gem

Like succulent Medjool dates? Meet a French pioneer who cultivates dates and produces homemade date honey – join in a workshop and make your own date honey.

Here's the scoop

The heroic myth of the Jews on top of Masada 2000 years ago, preferring death before slavery, only became famous during the Second World War for a very unique reason. Find out why.

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