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June 2019

"An exceptional person, whose depth of knowledge is matched with his depth of character, Noam presents the country of Israel in a rich and meaningful way, weaving wisdom into the ever-complex nature of Israel's history, struggles, people, and development. Backed by scholarly research, Noam presents both summary and detailed discussion of facts as well as narratives from a multitude of perspectives, tying in areas of agreement with disconnect, and encouraging his audiences to not just learn about a topic, area, or group, but to examine their own beliefs and biases. In essence, his tour groups feel smarter as a result, and develop a stronger foundation of understanding of Israel and many of its facets. Additionally, his passion for learning and teaching is strong, and his amicability allows Noam to accelerate trust and engage with members of different cultures and backgrounds in a way that is quite impressive. Noam is an inspired and inspiring tour guide, and more so, an inspiring individual. Sharing in his experiences will certainly last a lifetime."

Congregation Hakafa: Steve Yousha. IL, USA.

February 2019

"This trip to Israel was very important to our family. For me, a Jew, it was the fulfillment of a lifelong dream. For my husband, it was an opportunity to explore the roots of his Christianity. For our daughter, it was a return to a place that she loves. You deftly crafted a trip that incorporated all of our needs. Your energy, knowledge and passion for what you do is evident and resulted in experiences that were full of inquiry, wonder, context and thoughtful discussion. Your attention to detail was superb in everything from choice of lodgings, restaurants and activities. We felt very well taken care of. In fact, we can't imagine exploring Israel without you. We truly enjoyed your company and are deeply grateful for the role you played in making our family trip to Israel unforgettable"

Lisa & Stuart Jones. MA, USA.

June 2018

"A life altering experience! A Bar Mitzvah celebration and logistics for 80 people touring this amazing country exceeded all our expectations. We all loved Noam. He made our trip and Simach a journey of a lifetime. Thank you!"

Leanne & Jonathan Coleman. BC, Canada.

 April 2018 

"My family had a fantastic two days with Noam. Our kids are 11 and 12 years old. He was able to connect with them, and get them involved in asking questions throughout the tour. We felt comfortable with him right from the beginning. We had fun exploring Israel with Noam. He is energetic, creative and a terrific guide. I would highly recommend him as a guide!"

Michelle & Daniel Dodek. BC, Canada.

 July 2017 

"Noam is The World's Best Tour Guide. I Cannot imagine finding anyone as knowledgeable, passionate, fun or inspiring.

He puts his whole heart, soul and body into his work. Traveling through Israel with him for 13 days, he infused everything he did with passion and love. Don’t jump at the chance to work with him, leap at it. 

He is one of the most gifted teachers I’ve ever met"

Neroli Lacey. D.C., USA.

October 2015

"Noam is a bright, dynamic man with a keen sense of humor. He has the ability to laugh at himself and keep life in perspective. He is well educated on Israeli history. His love of country and his people are evident. His zest for live is infectious. This trip was unforgettable. Many thanks for one of the best vacations ever"

Amy & Mark Garret. CA, USA.

December 2014

"I wanted to take a moment to thank you. Our time in Israel was truly life changing. Thanks to you, Jeff and I learned so much. Not only about Israel and its history, but you opened yourself up and taught us some of your values which we have decided to take back with us. Sharing both sides of Arab and Jewish life also brought us into a new light"

Jeff Hamilton & Leigh Valdimer. MA, USA.

August 2014

“Noam has tremendous energy. He is bright & filled with knowledge to keep us interested. When we came back from Israel and attended Holy Holiday services, my wife said she understood a lot more the service due to our Israel Trip and the knowledge she learned from Noam. We highly recommend Noam"

Herlick Family: Dr. Robyn, Richard, Aharon & Sarah. ONT, Canada.

​April 2013

"It’s not easy planning a family vacation so everyone is happy - but it can happen with the right tour guide!

Noam planned exactly what we had talked about - keeping everyone happy and excited about all the experiences we were about to share. He also had a steady stream of games and information that brought everything together. We had adventure, challenges and history. Making pita in the desert was an experience my kids will never forget.  Our days went by too fast!"

Falk Family: Ben, Adena. MA, USA.

October 2012

"Noam far exceeded our expectations. Beyond his excellent knowledge of Israel's history, political situation and natural resources, he is personable, reliable and highly creative. Noam has boundless energy and enthusiasm. He was attentive to our every need, efficiently addressed any problems that arose, and made sure we were well taken care of. Although we were initially concerned about spending two weeks with someone unfamiliar to us, he immediately made us comfortable with his sense of humor and easy-going nature. We looked forward to every daily adventure with Noam and were so sad when we had to say goodbye to him. We would highly recommend Noam as a tour guide for both younger and older travelers. He is phenomenal!"

Dr. Cheryl Ackerman & Dr. David Saslove. ONT, Canada.
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