West Bank

Duality exists, comfortably uncomfortable, in the West Bank, where Israeli settlements vie for land with Palestinian villages. Despite the fear the media portrays, West Bank offers many safe possibilities for travel, beyond the traditional one-dimensional narrative. Visit a Palestinian brewery and meet locals. See a Jewish settlement, and then visit the Palestinian village that lies nearby. Only by traveling through the beautiful, rocky terrain of this land can one understand the complexity of the West Bank’s geopolitical situation. Home to both Israelis and Palestinians, and especially strategic to Israel, a tour through the area is the necessary key to moving beyond abstract perceptions of the conflict, to an authentic dual narrative.

You gotta

Get close to the Israeli West Bank barrier to gain insight into the complex issues surrounding it.

Off the beaten track

Heard of Rawabi? It’s one of a kind – a brand new, purpose-built Palestinian city. Come visit.

A real gem

Visit a unique boutique beer brewery, run by a Christian Palestinian family. Taste an ice-cold Palestinian beer at Taybeh.

Here's the scoop

Israeli response to curb the “lone wolf” attacks of the past couple of years relied on state-of-the art profiling and cyber surveillance on social media, and smart policing. Hear more….

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