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Golan Heights

The volcanic Golan Heights offer lush green views and waterfalls, along with striking geopolitical importance: the region borders Syria, and serves as an army training area for the Israeli Defense Forces. Despite its proximity to the neighboring civil war, the atmosphere couldn’t be further removed. Known as wine country and brimming with orchards, the Golan’s deep canyons and verdant fields are populated with a harmonious mix of Israeli and Druze communities. With a hint of time and patience, those that venture off the beaten track here will be rewarded with the discovery of a new frontier.

You gotta

Get a close-up view into Syria from Mount Bental.

Off the beaten track

Jump into the Ein Almin "officers pool" for a refreshing dip in the clear water.

A real gem

Rappel down the waterfalls of the Black Canyon on the Zavitan river.

Here's the scoop

Eli Cohen, Israel’s celebrated spy in Syria in the 1960s, was enthusiastically befriended by leading Syrian military and political figures. Found out how he was caught.

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