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From Roman aqueducts to agriculture, the Mediterranean Coast is dotted with an alluring variety of cities. Many - such as Herod’s port in Caesarea and Akko’s Crusade Old City - served as gateways, exporting spices to the Roman Empire during ancient times. Every generation, Jews came through these ports to flee from hostile lands, to make aliyah, and to establish a new society. The most populated area in Israel, the coast offers a charming swirl of ancient and contemporary spirit. This is best exemplified in Haifa, where Arabs and Jews coexist peacefully, and where, perhaps not coincidentally, you’ll find what is considered the best falafel in Israel.

You gotta

Visit the Atlit detention camp, and hear the emotional stories of Jewish refugees who were imprisoned by the British after surviving the horrors of the Holocaust.

Off the beaten track

Jisr az-Zarqa, an Israeli Muslim town whose residents trace their roots to the Sudan, has a unique and complex history.

A real gem

Join the locals and experience a Hamam (Turkish bath) in the old city of Akko.

Here's the scoop

Optimistic forecast predict that by 2048, the coastline will be so
populated that all cities will be connected to each other. Experts predict that Israel will
become a world leader in smart public transportation.

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