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Arid and seemingless boundless, the Negev encompasses nearly 60% of Israeli land, in rocky shades of golden brown. Due to the clever use of water systems, agriculture flourishes in the harsh climate, fulfilling Ben Gurion’s dreams of the “pioneer strength and vigor of spirit” of the Israeli nation accomplishing “the great mission of populating the wilderness and bringing it to flourish.” Visitors come to the Negev for its stunning hikes and crater, and to stargaze under its otherworldly night skies. Whether you stay in a luxurious hotel or a Bedouin tent, the most unique aspect of the Negev experience is “desert time.” Take deep breath of fresh breeze, and get comfortable with nature. Light a bonfire and cook an outdoor meal, and let time slow down for the evening.

You gotta

The huge, moon-like Ramon crater, the machtesh, is a geological phenomenon only found in Israel. Hike with me to learn about its unique formations and wildlife.

Off the beaten track

Feel the hush of the desert at night, lie back beside a bonfire and gaze up at the awe-inspiring canopy of stars.

A real gem

What better place to experience ecotourism than a family owned farm in the Negev? Israeli resourcefulness at its best.

Here's the scoop

David Ben Gurion unexpectedly swapped his role as Israel’s first prime minister for a simple but satisfying life as a kibbutz member in the Negev.  What urged him to make such a drastic change?

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