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Tel Aviv

Welcome to vivacious Tel Aviv, a city of dreamers, and the heart of a newly awakening Israeli national identity. Named after a book, the first modern Hebrew city in the world is a lively mingling of urban culture and peaceful garden enclaves. Widely known for its historic Bauhaus architecture and miles of pristine, sun-soaked beaches, Tel Aviv has become a center of modern history, with a high-tech hub, a thriving foodie scene, and invigorating nightlife. Once just an ordinary city, Tel Aviv is Israel’s future in the making.

You gotta

Experience that moment in the heart of Tel Aviv when Ben Gurion declared Israel’s independence.

Off the beaten track

Colorful Neve Shaanan, a neighborhood that changes week to week from the conflicting influences of gentrification and Eritrean and Sudanese asylum seekers.

A real gem

Need a break from life?

Have breakfast at Bucke Cafe, 91 Ahad Ha'Am St.

Here's the scoop

Tel Aviv is the only city in the world that is named after a book. Written in German by Theodor Herzl, the book was immediately translated into Hebrew and titled Tel Aviv. What's the original name of the book and why name a city after it?

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